Monday, April 20, 2015


Well, back with an update. I did not get as far as envisioned this weekend. There were lots of things going on. I will tell you about the garden shed disaster once all of the insurance and paperwork is done. Lets just say it was pretty scary.
Saturday morning I got into my sewing room and did some cleaning out. I think watching Hoarders with Glenda and then with Vanessa may have gotten me motivated. I feel pretty good about what was accomplished. The thing about cleaning up piles that one hasn't had the heart to look at in a very long time is this: there are sometimes items that make your heart squeeze. In this case it was longing to be able to do things with Ma. We enjoyed our crafting time together so much. I stumbled across her paintbrush roll and that just made my heart ache for those times. (I sure do miss you Mom!)

This was Mom's paintbrush roll

After I did some of that cleaning up, it was time for choosing threads and anchoring this project. I have chosen the quilting motif I want for the logs. Now to practice them with paper and pencil. (This should be interesting!) Be back in the next couple of days with pictures of that...

1/4" away from the motifs and Stitch in the Ditch around all of the logs.

Friday, April 17, 2015

A workshop!

This past week our Quilt Guild had the pleasure of a Lecture and Workshop from Karen Miller of Redbird Quilt Co. It was such an enjoyable couple of days. Karen shared her pattern writing journey with us as well as some of her beautiful quilts during her lecture. I enjoyed the workshop so much, learned some new things. (It seems to me that there is always something new to learn, even when you think it's all figured out.) Some of the hand stitching we did was very relaxing and went rather quickly. The demos were terrific, I especially enjoyed the little tips that we learned through conversation about our works in progress. It was great to share the day with friends and do what we love.

Here is a link to Karen's Site:
Her blog:
And a link to the recipe for the pillow:

My fellow workshop attendees.

Tropical Christmas?

Pin basted and ready to plan out my quilting.
Wow, glad I noticed the missing piece before starting to quilt this, that would have been frustrating. 
I'll be back with progress updates in the next couple of days...

Thursday, January 1, 2015

It is 2015 - wow!

Hope that everyone had a wonderful Holiday. It was relaxing and restorative for me.
It included more navigating of traditions and figuring out what I could and could not eat. I thought I would miss Christmas cookies a whole lot more than I did. How about that? Found some chocolate chunks and chocolate bits that do not contain Soy Lecithin or Corn Sweetener by Enjoy Life. That was great! Found some Marzipan without Corn Sweetener, didn't save the label. You know what? Marzipan is not all that difficult to make. Haven't made any in years but there is no time like the present! The one thing I did miss and will have to find how to make is an Orange Cream in Dark Chocolate.

So, does this look like a list of things from a deprived somebody? Nope. It's good, it's all good.

Friday, November 28, 2014

Getting The Right Mindset

In light of recent changes in my food intake, I was a little concerned about how to navigate the Thanksgiving celebration. Have you really thought about how much flour/grain is involved in our contemporary feasts? It is something that I had to sort out and was kind of making a mountain of a molehill in my mind. Once it was apparent that I could eat and not feel deprived, I settled down. I scraped the filling out of the pies and mostly didn't get any of the crusts in my mouth. Oh, they were delicious, too. I hated letting that crust go, but, feeling better and being able to breathe through my nose seemed more important to me. For this same reason I was able to pass up the rolls and the stuffing. I am so very happy for the food that I did get to eat, Squash, Cranberries, Beans, Turkey. I think that was a pretty wonderful feast.
It's not about what cannot be on the plate, it's about what can be on the plate.
Thanksgiving was a wonderful day, filled with good solid family time. It is so nice that my Cousin and her family have invited me to share in their celebration. I am so very grateful.

Saturday, November 8, 2014

The Road to Wellville

Have you ever watched the movie "Road to Wellville"? I understand there is a book, too. It is a wonderful, lighthearted comedy about Dr. John Harvey Kellogg and his attempts at bringing people to good health through clean living during the early 1900's. He employed some pretty bizarre techniques, yet, mingled with the quackery he had some good basis for helping folks to well being.
Wouldn't it be nice if there was a perfect solution to getting to the bottom of cranky sinuses? Clogged ears? Sore Joints and muscles?  Oh, how I wish there was. Life for me lately has been a mix of Prilosec OTC, Allergy Pills, Pain Relievers, Tums...are we adding more of a toxic load to a body that is just trying to tell us something?
I set out on my own road to Wellville several years ago. During this time encountered quacks that have hurt me with their techniques. I have encountered vibrant people who have helped me a great deal. Oh, and self diagnosis? Doesn't work. Sometimes I think I have it all figured out, yet, what I am doing is upsetting my struggling system even more. Then, there is discouragement. I have a tendency to "throw the baby out with the bathwater"  and go backwards. Life gets to be too hectic, the easy meals come back into the house. Cooking with blinders on, not reading the labels, justifying the foods we are ingesting in this home...a recipe to set us up for feeling poorly.
Time to unsubscribe from some of the emails I get for coupons and fast dinners. Time to adapt and figure out how to eat well and not have to cook all of my free time away.
Well,  as Mom used to say, "If at first you don't succeed, try, try again."
Time to read "Nourishing Traditions", again. 
Time to get back to the good cooking basics.
There is a lot of great info in this book. I make a few things from it regularly. Stock, Crispy nuts, Nut Butter, some of the pickled foods. Time to experiment more.

Saturday, April 26, 2014

Sometimes you just have to let the Earth Mama loose...

Today, as I was catching up on my favorite forum in Ravelry, I was inspired. I mean it just took the day over.
  1. I made Honey Whole Wheat Bread.
  2. Raked out my flower gardens in the front.
  3. Decided that it would be great to incorporate an afternoon tea into my lifestyle.
I cannot tell you how much I am enjoying today, the scent of freshly baked bread wafting through the house lifts my spirits so. I need more practice, as my bread cracked open. But, that is a something I am happy to do. So, here are some pictures of the bread as I progressed through the day.

Book that I have had since 1986, has the best tutorial for making hand kneaded basic bread.
The flour was purchased from Wholeshare, farmer ground and organic. It is a joy to work with, too.
Dough has been kneaded and oiled, ready for the first rise.

After the first rise. So pretty!

Deflated, some call it punched down.
Ready for the third and final rise.

I think I should get larger bread pans, the dough is a little too big for these.
Beautiful Golden Brown Loaves....

While I was waiting for the first rise of my bread, I wandered outside to do some raking. Here is a picture of some of the Daffodils and Jonquils blooming at the moment. So pretty.

Then, I came in for some rest while the bread was baking and had some afternoon tea. 
Thank you for my teapot and mugs Anna Maire, I really love them.
Tea included “Strawberry Grapefruit Xue Long” Green tea, some roasted almonds and blueberries in lemon gelatin. Claudia from Mr Puffy's Knitting Blog inspired me to have a time to enjoy my tea and use some of the pretty and sentimental things in my life.
Afternoon Tea