Sunday, June 2, 2013

Thank God for A/C

We finally turned the Air Conditioner on last night. It was wonderful to sleep comfortably and wake up rested!

Blocks for a scrap quilt
Last weekend I had the opportunity to get some piecing done. I put the last strips on yesterday. Working on a rediscovered community quilt project with Trish and Sue. It has been hiding for quite a while, Trish recently found it in her stuff. We have a traveling box of scraps, this time we are working on all the red scraps. These were my homework, 32 in all. The smallest fabric square is 1" (one inch).  It felt great to get some piecing done. The process of building a quilt is pure joy. Playing with colors and patterns. Pressing the pieces open to reveal the latest addition to the blocks. (as opposed to clothing repairs. Ugh, I absolutely detest mending, but, that has to be done too. Eventually...)

I don't know why, I just find this awfully cute
Zeus wedged across the hallway, one ear on alert.
I am not really sure how a giant dog can be so very cute, but, he is! Not just cute, handsome..big, handsome boy. But, I do go on...

Garden Happenings.....

Deep Purple Iris - wow! First time it has bloomed for me. The blooms are as big as my hand!

Single Bloom Peopny

Big White Iris, same here, big blooms!

Regular Peony getting ready to open
Almost open!
I wish my shirts we this white!
Another Bi-Color Iris

Old Fashioned Bi-Colored Iris

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suzanne, dutchess county NY said...

That is a lovely purple iris and peony. I haven't had bearded iris in a while. I had iris borer and got that under control, but later the husband and the tractor placing large stones ( wherever he wants) did what was left in.
Like the red scrappy blocks. Hope you post it all together.