Saturday, April 26, 2014

Sometimes you just have to let the Earth Mama loose...

Today, as I was catching up on my favorite forum in Ravelry, I was inspired. I mean it just took the day over.
  1. I made Honey Whole Wheat Bread.
  2. Raked out my flower gardens in the front.
  3. Decided that it would be great to incorporate an afternoon tea into my lifestyle.
I cannot tell you how much I am enjoying today, the scent of freshly baked bread wafting through the house lifts my spirits so. I need more practice, as my bread cracked open. But, that is a something I am happy to do. So, here are some pictures of the bread as I progressed through the day.

Book that I have had since 1986, has the best tutorial for making hand kneaded basic bread.
The flour was purchased from Wholeshare, farmer ground and organic. It is a joy to work with, too.
Dough has been kneaded and oiled, ready for the first rise.

After the first rise. So pretty!

Deflated, some call it punched down.
Ready for the third and final rise.

I think I should get larger bread pans, the dough is a little too big for these.
Beautiful Golden Brown Loaves....

While I was waiting for the first rise of my bread, I wandered outside to do some raking. Here is a picture of some of the Daffodils and Jonquils blooming at the moment. So pretty.

Then, I came in for some rest while the bread was baking and had some afternoon tea. 
Thank you for my teapot and mugs Anna Maire, I really love them.
Tea included “Strawberry Grapefruit Xue Long” Green tea, some roasted almonds and blueberries in lemon gelatin. Claudia from Mr Puffy's Knitting Blog inspired me to have a time to enjoy my tea and use some of the pretty and sentimental things in my life.
Afternoon Tea


Claudia Bugh said...

What a perfectly enjoyable day Kate! Your loaves of bread came out perfectly...I'm going to have to check out that recipe :) Thank you for sharing.

Kate said...

They are delicious, too, Claudia. I gave one loaf away and kept one. Just made some Almond Butter to have with some toast tomorrow morning. Mom's old Oster really does a beautiful job.